Christmas can be so lonely when you are a widow/widower.

I remember thinking about our lives together and the fact that George loved to fish. I remember regretting not retiring sooner and moving to Oregon sooner. I would have lost him to the ocean it’s just so beautiful. but truly how much regretting can one soul endure.

Let’s begin meditating on what we have, and not what we lost. Remembering how well we are doing, and how healthy our family is and remember how many people are sick, homeless, and bound by mental illness. Most importantly, remember worldly sorrow leads to death. Thus our decent into darkness must become a spring-board to joy.

Go into restaurants and over-tip the waitress, they can always use a little help. Carry water in your car, wrap a dollar around it and hand it out, make some soup, drive through town and hand out cups of soup to the people begging on the street and remember there but by the grace of God go you and me.

Sharing and caring for Christ heals my soul. Lastly I sat a fast,and began a deeper seeking than I have done in a long time. Not asking Him for anything but thanking Him for everything. Psalms 139 really reminds me of His love. Tell me how are you doing? Join my blog and lets talk about it and then pray about it.