Welcome to Bethesda @ Bethel International Ministries

We are a International “Family Centered,” Ministry, with Oversight of Two ministries one in Kenya Africa, Dominion Center, Pastored by: Michael Etemesi and Bethesda International, Pastor Ricardo & Rocio Ramos in  Rosarito Mexico.

We are a Word driven, Holy Spirit Led Church; operating in signs, wonders and miracles.  The Word of the Lord is our most important gift that we bring to your life.  Knowing, Hearing, and Understanding the voice of God and moving in the Glory of God is our platform.

Inspirational Moments

When you live in the past with all of it’s pain and sorrow, I’m not there,

My Name is I AM not I was; and when you live in the future, I’m not

there, My Name is I AM, not I will be!  come to Me, this day, ask Me

this Day and I will give you your daily bread!

Special Announcement

Welcome Carolanne McCrae Morales

and Hector Emanuel Zepeda

Destinee’s Corner

Leave and Cleave Matt 19:5

If you don’t follow a particular religion or attend church, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a church wedding if that’s what you want!

How To Beat The Holiday Blues

I remember thinking about our lives together and the fact that George loved to fish. I remember regretting not retiring and moving to Oregon sooner.